Game Play, Team Rules and Information for Registered Trivia Game Play

By playing our game, you agree that each player has read and understands the rules, and that the Team Captain is responsible for their team. This document may change, so please familiarize yourself with it before each game. This list of rules is here to prevent issues and keep gameplay moving, ensuring as much actual gameplay as possible during our time. They are the result of experience in previous games.

Important Gameplay, Team Rules, and Information for Registration-Based Trivia!

Teams may have a maximum of 6 players at a table to win. For registered games, you may only bring the number of players you have registered. If that number changes, you must first contact Craig via text at 509-460-0762 to check availability. Seating can be limited, and staffing is set based on the number of participants. You may not have more than 6 players at a table.

No outside help is allowed. If you are caught, your team will be disqualified. This includes any use of phones. If you need to text, please step outside of the room or area. Once you have left during a round, you may not return until the round ends.

Leaving Your Table During Rounds

If for any reason you leave your table during a round, you may not return until that round is complete. This is to prevent returning with answers.

Most games consist of 10 rounds with 7 questions each, and each question is worth 2 points. For questions with 2 answers, each is worth one point. For people’s names: Last names are worth 1 point, full names 2 points.

If there is a dispute about a question or answer, do not interrupt gameplay. The round should be played as normal, and then approach the Quizmaster with BOTH the question and the valid source that corrects the issue after the round is complete (you can’t use your phone during the round). If the Quizmaster agrees that an error has been made, they will announce corrections to the audience. Blurting out “corrections” during the match may lead to a warning or disqualification.

Never Blurt Out Answers

Warning, disqualification, or removal of the player may occur, along with lost points or disqualification of the question, at the discretion of the host.

You will be exchanging sheets with an assigned team for scoring. Total scores in a round – pre-bonus – should not exceed 14 points. Before the game began, each team picked two (2) BONUS categories (with some excluded rounds) for which your score is doubled. When reading scores back to the Quizmaster, only provide the regular score for the rounds; they will announce the doubled score so everyone hears the correct math.

If needed, a tiebreaker question will be provided. The team that answers the question closest (+ or -) wins. In the event of a tie, the teams will select one player from each team for a final question playoff. If a tie exists after 2 ties, we will determine the winner by coin flip.

The Trivia Master has the final say on all rule interpretations and disputes.