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See our full calendar at the bottom… here are the highlights…

Tuesday Trivia at Southridge Dugout is officially BACK as a WEEKLY Standard Trivia event with Craig Heat! Come back to me folks, I miss you all greatly!

Our Friends Quiz this week is fully registered with some open walk-in spaces. We cannot promise seating… but some will be available.

Weds July 3rd at Richland Dugout we will have a Start Trek: The Next Generation Trivia night for teams of 2 to 6 players! Register here!

TRIVIA – the categories!:
Tues Categories – 3-Word TV show Titles, Julia Roberts Movies
Friends – We were on a break!, Holiday Episodes
Wednesday Categories – The Civil War, Literary Dogs
Thursday Categories – Modes of Transportation, Nike, Reebok or Adidas
Saturday Categories – Abbreviations, Animal Kingdom Chronicles


Star Trek the Next Generation Trivia at Richland Dugout with Heat Entertainment

Weds July 3rd, Richland Dugout! Register in the calendar below!