Heat Entertainment was Nominated for Best Karaoke in the Tri-Cities, would you help us take home the Gold this year? We’ve made it easy… one click, no digging… Click the image below.

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See our full calendar at the bottom… here are the highlights…

Our Friday Karaoke at The Underground is now from 8pm to Midnight!

Our Friday Karaoke at Badger Canyon Dugout is now 8:30pm to 12:30am!

Monday Night Trivia, tonight (5-20) at the Palm in Benton City. Lot’s of regular ole Trivia shows this week, check the calendar below for details.

TRIVIA – the categories!:
Monday Categories – Game Show Hosts, “May” you get these right!
Tues Categories – Celebrity Couples, SPAM or Spam
Wednesday Categories – Gambling, “Man” Songs
Thursday Categories – Notable People with the initials J.F. , Famous Cameos in Movies
Saturday Categories – Daytime Talk Shows, Backing Bands


Trivia Time at Richland Dugout Bar and Grill with Heat Entertainment