Season Two of the Heat Karaoke Championships


Our goal here is to have a little fun and hand out some cash to some great singers. If you make this ONLY about winning, this may not be for you. There are a lot of talented singers, only a few will be awarded prizes. I ask you to do this to have a great time, make new friends and maybe learn more about yourself and singing. It can be rewarding regardless of where you place. 

ANYONE can compete who wants to sing. This is NOT strictly for amateurs.

Judging will be handled by a combination of the host and other paid judges as the competition moves on. As we are in a pandemic, judge availability could be affected at any time. So the size of the judging panel, and who judges (including the host) can change as needed.

Tryout round
To try out, there will be a $5 registration fee. Your goal will be to prove that you can sing in time-tempo and on key. JUDGING IS HARD, you may disagree with the assessment, be an adult and accept the decision. You can attempt multiple times for $5 each try during a different tryout evening (should any exist). I highly suggest you pre-register online at as we will limit to 10 tryouts in an evening. To make sure all singers are singing we will have at least one non-registered singer in the rotation unless no other singers are present.

Tryout Dates by location

Richland Dugout – Wednesdays
Jan 26th
Feb 2nd
Feb 9th

Pasco Dugout – Thursdays
Jan 27th
Feb 3rd
Feb 10th

Badger Canyon – Fridays
Feb 4th

Southridge Dugout – Saturdays
Jan 29th
Feb 5th
Feb 12th

Round 2

There will be a random drawing of people to dates and locations to break up the number of competitors. You will be asked to show up on your night to sing for round 2. You may trade your time and date if you have a willing participant willing to trade. Both participants need to contact Craig to confirm.

In this round, you will choose and sing one song. Songs must be provided to the host (including any special notes) by Tuesday, Feb 15th. If they are not received by 10 pm Tuesday, you will be disqualified… no excuses. There will be no song changes allowed once you have submitted.

Wednesday, Feb 16th Richland Dugout – Come practice your song with the host during karaoke starting at 9 pm.
Thursday, Feb 17th Pasco Dugout – Group A competes
Friday, Feb 18th Badger Canyon Dugout – Group B competes
Saturday, Feb 19th Southridge Dugout – Group C competes

You will be judged on timing, clarity of vocal, correct words. Not looking for a show at this stage of the competition. Looking for who sounds the best and gets the words right. You don’t lose points for screen reading.

Monday, Feb 21st, the cutdowns will be announced via the Heat Entertainment Group website It will be in 2 groups.

Round 3

Those who moved to round 3 will submit their chosen song by 5 pm Wednesday, Feb 23rd.
You will be able to practice with the host at either the Wednesday or Thursday karaoke shows. This allows the host to fine-tune your sound.

Criteria from other rounds are used in addition to song choice for your voice and dress.

Friday, Feb 25th Badger Canyon Dugout – Group A competes
Saturday, Feb 26th Southridge Dugout – Group B competes

Monday, Feb 28th – Final contestants announced on


Our finals will have at least one paid judge.

Songs must be submitted by Wednesday, March 2nd at 5 pm.

Singers will sing a song of their choice and one assigned to them by the host. (My goal is not to trip you up, I’ll find a song for your voice you may not have sung before.)

All previous criteria will need to be met in addition to the ability of YOUR chosen song without the screen words (not applicable to the assigned song).

Our Finals will be held starting at 8 pm Saturday, March 5th at Southridge Dugout.


Our prizes come from our Bar Sponsor, The Dugout Bar, and Grills and Heat Entertainment Group. $1000 in total cash, along with trophies and shirts.

1st Prize!
$500 cash – First Place Trophy – Winners T-Shirt

2nd Place
$300 cash – Runners Up Trophy

3rd Place
$100 cash – Trophy

4th and 5th will get $50 cash