Speed Friending Participation, Cancellation and No-Show Policy

Participation Policy

Our events depend on full participation for a successful experience. In emergency situations, such as a family death or severe illness, we ask for notification at least 72 hours before the event. No-shows significantly impact our event quality. Failing to attend without notice will result in permanent exclusion from future events. Leaving mid-event or canceling within three hours of the start is also treated as a no-show, incurring the same penalty. Please ensure your schedule aligns with our event times before registering.

Ground Rules

Safety is paramount. Our events, are physically hosted by Heat Hosts and are coordinated with venue staff to do what we can to create a safe, respectful environment. Participants must not share or request sensitive personal information, and should report any discomfort to us immediately. Overindulgence in alcohol is discouraged. Non-compliance can lead to a permanent ban and further action. Matching occurs only when mutual interest is indicated, and contact details are shared post-event via email. Ikon Marketing Group, LLC dba Heat Entertainment Group is not liable for interactions inside or outside the event. We will provide a walk to your vehicle when requested.


Disclaimer #2

Attending our events is akin to visiting a public venue. Heat Entertainment doesn’t own the venues and while a contracted host may be on site we cannot guarantee absolute safety. Interaction risks with other participants, venue staff, or non-participants are similar to those in any public setting. Heat Entertainment is not responsible for any damages or harm related to our services or associated activities. We do NOT perform background checks.

Arrival and Lateness

Arrive 15 minutes early to settle in. Late arrivals disrupt the event flow and will be treated as no-shows, please inform us in advance if you’re running late or unable to attend.

Repeat Participants

We attempt to notify you if a past connection is also attending an upcoming event. Options include normal participation, skipping the pairing, or canceling.


Rounds last about 7 to 10 minutes, with a 5-minute break in between. Events are expected to be around 2 hours long. In case of uneven participant numbers, we introduce breaks. Any time after the event will be for general mingling as desired.

Age Bracket Restrictions

Participants within 2 years of an age bracket can register for that bracket with the exception of those under 21. Contact us if unsure about eligibility.

Match and Post-Match Process

Events last approximately 2 hours. Breaks are provided between dates, with a longer mid-event intermission.

Missing Pair
If you can’t find your pairing partner, contact us immediately. Unlocated dates turn into break rounds.

No Matches
Don’t be disheartened by no matches. Participant compatibility varies, and we value the experience of meeting new people.

Post-Match Process
Matches are confidential. Mutual matches will receive each other’s contact details via email within 24 hours post-event.

Subscription and Notifications
You’ll receive text notifications related to the event, which cease post-event unless you subscribe for more.


Tickets prices vary depending on location. Dugout bars have no fee for participation as fees are paid to the hosts for the gathering.  A beverage purchase at the venue is expected to support their hospitality.