Hey everyone! Craig from Heat Entertainment here. We have reactivated our weekly Entertainment text club. We will send you one text per week usually on Monday (this week is an obvious exception) to let you know about the weeks events around town.

Tonight (Friday)
At Rewsters Craft Bar and Grill in Horn Rapids we have Heat Top Hits Bingo at 6pm! Join us for 5 games of music bingo with songs from different generations each game! We now show you all the song titles, so you don’t have to remember the song details, just enjoy the clips and play the game.

At 9pm we have Karaoke with Craig Heat at Badger Canyon Dugout, the former Silos, come sing your songs and enjoy some beverages after a long day of shopping. Bring your friends and family!

Out New Trivia game starts at Atomic Ale Brewpub and Eatery in Richland starts at 6pm and goes till about 8, have dinner and some craft beers… bring your family, and still have time to hit the town after! 1 to 6 players per team, prizes awarded.

At 9pm we have Karaoke with Craig Heat at Southridge Dugout, our award winning karaoke show allows you to sing and relax. Bring your friends and family!