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Here is our week in Entertainment

Tuesday 5-23
Heat Top Hits Bingo with Tracey at Atomic Ale Brewpub and Eatery at 5pm
Heat Trivia at Southridge Dugout with Craig and Cass at 6:15pm. Gift cards of $30 and $20 awarded for first and 2nd place!

Wednesday 5-24
Heat Specialty Trivia with Cass at the Richland Dugout. Bring your team of 1 to 6 for our Special 90s MUSIC Trivia event. $30 Gift Card for 1st Place Team, $20 for 2nd! Free to play!

Heat Trivia at Sams Saloon! Bring your team of 1 to 6 players for a fun night of trivia! Starts at 6:30 with Hosts Craig Heat and Tracey. Gift cards of $30 and $20 awarded for first and 2nd place!

Music bingo game at The Underground Taphouse with Heat Entertainment Host Gemini in West Pasco. Win one of our Giftcards! Free to play!

Thursday 5-25
Karaoke at Richland Dugout with Host Gemini,will start at 9pm till 1am

Thursday Night Karaoke in Pasco with KJ Craig Heat and Cass from 9pm till 1am

Friday 5-26
Heat Top Hits Bingo with Tracey, is at Rewsters Craft Bar and Grill at Horn Rapids Golf Course starting at 6pm. This fun evening gets everyone up and singing the songs aloud, come out and have a great time.

Our Earlier Karaoke Show in West Pasco with KJ Gemini offers a great time for those who don’t want to hang late at The Underground Taphouse! 7pm to 11pm, enjoy Craft Brews, food and sing your heart out!

Heat Karaoke Friday at Badger Canyon Dugout with KJ Craig Heat

Saturday 5-27
Trivia Game is happening every Saturday at Atomic Ale Brewpub and Eatery during the dinner hour from 5:30pm to 7:15pm. Teams of 1 to 6 compete for gift cards. Play our game and still have time for a night on the town! Gemini is hosting.

Southridge Dugout from 9 to 1am for a 21+ only Karaoke event this week with Host KJ Craig Heat.