Get better at Music bingo by learning our songs!
Our one free weekly Music Bingo Category and Song List can be found here (Click the blue link) –  70’s Soft Rock

Weekly Calendar!

Monday Music Bingo at Badger Canyon Dugout with Craig Heat and Co-Host Diana Milton
5 games between 5:15pm to 8pm

Monday Trivia at TC Cider House at 6:45pm
General Knowledge
Audio Round – Clothing Related Song Titles – Name the Song and Band/Artist(s)
Urban Legends
Picture Round – Financial Logos – Name the Product/Company/Currency associated with the Logo
Flight in Film
Video Round: Silent Music Videos
Benefit Concerts

Tuesday Trivia at Southridge Dugout at 7pm
General Knowledge
Current Events
Valleys of the World
Picture round – World Flags
Audio Round – Songs about Fire
“S” Musical Groups
Gone Fishing

Tuesday Music Bingo at Atomic Ale
5 games between 5pm to 8pm

Wednesday Music Bingo at Southridge Dugout
5 games between 5:15pm to 8pm

Wednesday Karaoke at Richland Dugout with KJ Craig
Starts at 9pm

Thursday Music Bingo at Power Up Arcade Bar
4 games between 5:30pm to 8pm (they open early for this special event!)

Thursday Karaoke at The Dugout in Pasco with KJ Craig
Starts at 9pm

Friday FAMILY Karaoke at Iconic Brewing with KJ Andrew
All ages allowed. You can bring food or buy from available food truck. Beverages
of all kinds are available at the brewery.
Goes from 5pm to 9pm

Friday Karaoke at Badger Canyon Dugout with KJ Craig
Starts at 9pm

Saturday Karaoke at Southridge Dugout with KJ Craig
Starts at 9pm

Thank you for your continued support of our events!
Craig, Tracey, Andrew and Adrienne