This FRIDAY our KARAOKE CONTEST for the 2000s genre will occur. The first 20 people can register to compete for $150 CASH! $50 Cash or a $50 Gift Card from Badger Canyon Dugout! You must sing a song from the 2000’s and I must have the karaoke version of it. Come practice with me any other day this week, but again FRIDAY is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, registrations start at 9 with the singing starting at 10pm, bring your friends for support.

Weekly Calendar!

Monday Music Bingo at Badger Canyon Dugout with Host Diana Milton
5 games between 5:15pm to 8pm

Monday Trivia at Tri-Cities Cider House at 6:45pm with Host Andrew
General Knowledge
Current Events
Audio Round – Piano Versions of Popular Songs
Iconic Toys
Picture Round – Drink Brand Logos
License Plate Geography – Name the State
Video Round – Shows from around the world.
Football Movies

Tuesday Trivia at Southridge Dugout at 7pm with Hosts Craig Heat and Tracey
General Knowledge
Picture Round – Car Logos
Current Events
Top Social Media Sites
Audio Round – Songs about Cars and Driving
Halftime Individuals 10 question Tournament
My Name is Linda
Cartoon Villains
Video Round – Movies with a One Man Army (advisory – some gore-language-fight scenes)
Pen Names
Multiple Choice Final

Music Bingo at Atomic Ale with Host Andrew Pogue
5 games between 5pm to 8pm

Music Bingo at Southridge Dugout with Host Craig Heat
5 games between 5:15pm to 8pm
Missing that Couple in Black, come back soon!)

Wednesday Karaoke at Richland Dugout with KJ Andrew
Starts at 9pm

No Music Bingo at Tri-Cities Cider House (every other week)

Thursday Karaoke at The Dugout in Pasco with KJ Craig Heat
Starts at 9pm

2000’s Theme karaoke contestFriday Karaoke at Badger Canyon Dugout with KJ Craig Heat
Starts at 9pm, Contest starts at 10pm – others can sing too

Saturday Karaoke at Southridge Dugout with KJ Craig Heat

Thank you for your continued support of our events!
Craig, Tracey, Andrew and Diana