Hi Heat Fans,

When we started the text club, the goal was to build a tool to share our events and provide the Trivia categories to allow you an opportunity to get a small “heads up” each week. Well, the heads up idea seems to be really only favoring a very few number of teams… so to maintain a level of fairness I have decided to stop doing so.

We will be going back to our standard 7 categories with 10 questions and the wager round for trivia. I will also drop the halftime individuals quiz at Southridge. The attempt to do this ourselves has been met with uneven response, making the amount of effort to write this all myself not very worthwhile. I may still write one from time to time, but going back to the service makes the most sense for the moment.

We currently offer this website and our Social Media tools at Facebook and Instagram to share our events. So the roughly 50-70 of you who click this link each week can get that same information elsewhere. We may try this again, the Text Club is a great method to advertise, but for the moment we will terminate this tool effective immediately.

Craig Heat and Team
Heat Entertainment Group