Welcome to Round 2 of the Heat Karaoke Championships!

Please read it all twice, the details are important and I will not remind ANYONE of any of them. This is all you get, I won’t babysit people as this is already a lot of work 🙂

First off, some people haven’t responded to my initial text, if that was an oversight, great, if you need me to message you a certain way, reach out. Text 509-460-0762 with your name and details or reach out on Facebook at Heat Entertainment Group. If your not going to compete, please reconsider, this can be both fun and nerve wracking but its also a great experience you should take part in! Otherwise, at least let me know so I know how to adjust. It could have a big impact on me.

If you are reading this, you did enough to convince me you have the chops and deserve a shot at having a lot of fun with an opportunity to win CASH!

First thing to note, we have many competitors… EACH with the idea they could win. Only 5 of you will make the top 5 and only 1 of you will be 1st place. It is hard to win. It is hard to judge. If you give any judge a hard time, you will not be allowed to enter later competitions. If you create a disturbance, you will not be allowed to do karaoke with me again. Please be adults.

During the contest you are NOT ALLOWED TO TALK TO THE JUDGE(S)

Provide me one song, choose your song carefully! You are allowed to sing the same song all the way through if its available. (WAIT, what do you mean if its available?) As your reading this, your song request is on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS). So get yours in as quickly as possible to be sure it isn’t used by another. BUT ONLY WHEN I ASK. If you tried to give me one before this, that’s void… Songs must be provided to the host (including any special notes) by Tuesday, Feb 15th. If they are not received by 10 pm Tuesday, you will be disqualified… no excuses. There will be no song changes allowed once you have submitted.

PROVIDE THE SONG VIA TEXT OR EMAIL. Text is 509-460-0762 or email is craig@heateg.com

Here is the judging criteria:
Are they singing from the stage area AND/OR moving amongst the crowd? 0 to 5pts
Image – Dress compared to song choice? 0-5 points
Are they engaging? Fun to watch? Connected to the song? 0 – 10pts
Diction – can we hear the words clearly? 0 – 10pts
Vocal Quality 0 – 10pts
Timing 0-10pts
Song Selection for their voice? 0 – 10pts

Competition Tip # 1: Be Well Prepared. …
Competition Tip # 2: Know Your Voice Well. …
Competition Tip # 3: Dress Appropriately for Your Image and Your Song. …
Competition Tip # 4: Use Your Stage or move to engage your audience …
Competition Tip # 5: Always Do Your Vocal Warm Ups Before You Sing!

Wednesday, Feb 16th Richland Dugout – Come practice your song with the host during karaoke starting at 9 pm.
Thursday, Feb 17th Pasco Dugout – Group A competes
Friday, Feb 18th Badger Canyon Dugout – Group B competes
Saturday, Feb 19th Southridge Dugout – Group C competes

This was randomized by simply using my list of registrations as they can in and following the pattern of filling slots in order day going down the list. (thursday – x, friday – y, sat – z, start over)

Thursday February 17th
Robbie, Mike Lambert, Glen, Zandra, Lesa, Katie, Melissa, Ernesto, Haleigh, Bronwyn

Friday February 18th
Elizabeth, Sarah, Jake, Luz, Denis, Rhonda, Michael Lohman, Chelsey, John W, Jennifer

Saturday February 19th
Fred, Michael M, Adrian, Natalie, Terry, Dawk, Rob F, Molly, Doug

Monday, Feb 21st, the cutdowns will be announced via the Heat Entertainment Group website heateg.com. It will be in 2 groups.