Monday at Richland Dugout
General Knowledge
I’m Getting Hungry!
Rock & Roll Potluck
Picture Round – Turned 40 in 2021 – Name the Person Pictured
Audio Round – Songs that Mention a Time of Day in the Title – Name the Song and Band/Artist(s)
It’s Not Rocket Science
Before and After Movies

Tuesday at Southridge Dugout
General Knowledge
Current Events
TV Show by Episode Title
Picture round – Breakfast Cereal Mascots
Audio Round – Family Members in Bands
Fictional Dentists
Name the Decade

Wednesday at Tri Cities Cider House
General Knowledge
Audio Round – Band Name Increases in Size with Each Answer
Fictional Principals and Headmasters
Picture Round –Picture Round – Broadway Musical Playbills
Thanksgiving TV Episodes
Video Round – Famous Battles
Two Oscar-Winning Performances

Check out Trivia League! A game within the game coming in January! Read the rules here! Signups start 11-16 for season one.

Other events this week!
Musical Bingo – 5 games between 5pm and 8pm Weds at Southridge Dugout (FREE)
Karaoke – Weds 9-1 Richland Dugout, Thursday 9-1 Pasco Dugout, Saturday 9-1 Southridge Dugout, Sunday 8 (or after football)- 11:45 Pasco Dugout

Thank you for your continued support of our events!
Craig, Tracey, Andrew and Adrienne