Monday at Richland Dugout
General Knowledge
Grammy for Best New Artist
Fabulous Fives
Picture Round – Foods that are Red – Name the Food
Audio Round – Songs About New Beginnings – Name the Song and Band/Artist(s)
Restaurant Chain Twitter Bios
One Word TV Shows Starting with “F”

Tuesday at Southridge Dugout
General Knowledge
Current Events
Tim Burton Movies
Picture round – Reality TV Hosts
Audio Round – Song of the Year – Grammy’s
James Bond Theme Songs
1990s Autobiographies & Memoirs

Other events this week!
Musical Bingo – 5 games between 6pm and 9pm Tuesday at Towne Crier (FREE)
Musical Bingo – 5 games between 5pm and 8pm Weds at Southridge Dugout (FREE)
Karaoke – Weds 9-1 Richland Dugout, Thursday 9-1 Pasco Dugout, Saturday 9-1 Southridge Dugout, Sunday 8-12 Pasco Dugout

Thank you for your continued support of our events!
Craig, Tracey and Andrew