Heat Trivia League Rules

Season One Rules – starting 1/4/22

  • Teams consist of 6 rostered players – 2 substitutes
  • A minimum of 3 players constitutes a team. Your team must have 3 players to play a weekly match or be disqualified.
  • Players are committed to a team for the duration of a season (10 weeks plus playoffs (if we have a playoff).
  • Team costs are $40 per team and $10 per player, including subs. Payment for rostered players occurs before the season, subs can pay as they are used.
  • There is no team handicap, scratch scoring is used.
  • Teams still qualify for the Dugout prizes as normal, but games are played as PART of weekly Tuesday trivia, so other teams who are not League participants will be there.
  • If an audience member or team member blurts an answer (even incorrect) that question will not count as part of the league final score. If a team member blurts any answers the team is disqualified for that week (0 points).
  • If you are caught cheating – defined as any method of procuring an answer from anything other than your mind or discussions with in person teammates only – you will be disqualified for the season and no refunds will be provided. Cheating is determined by your Host and Moderator.
  • Arguing with the host or moderator or mistreatment of bar staff will result in disqualification for the season, with no refunds.
  • All other rules for Trivia night, as read by the host, apply. Host has final say on all interpretations and/or disputes.