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Come out dancing at the Pasco Dugout this Friday for Fiery First Fridays from 9 pm-1 am with DJ EMXP

Coming up next week we have two specialty trivia coming up:
Disney Animated Movies Vol 1: Tuesday, November 7 at 6 pm at the Southridge Dugout with host Craig Heat. Pre-register your team of 2-6 for free here: Disney Trivia
Friends Trivia Night: Wednesday, November 8 at 6 pm at the Richland Dugout with hosts Izzy and Alyssa. Pre-register your team of 2-6 for free here: Friends Trivia



Trivia Categories for this Week:

Wednesday at Sam’s Saloon: Famous Queens and Empresses, 21st Century Business
Thursday at Underground Taphouse:  Culinary Chronicles, From Script to Screen
Saturday at Atomic Ale: Name the –Ology, Exercise Equipment