Monday at Richland Dugout 7pm
Join us at the Richland Dugout for the first MasterMind. Where Andrew the quizmaster goes 1v1 on a topic of the player’s choice! At the end of the month, the best time wins a prize!
Week 1 MasterMind is MCU movies (delayed for weather) and Also Lord of the Ring Movies! Mastermind will be played during our second break of the night!

General Knowledge
Audio: Drawn this way
It Happened in January
Picture Round: Actors in Disguise
Animal Bands
Video Round: Movie Misquotes
Born on the same day

Tuesday Southridge Dugout at 7pm
General Knowledge
Current Events
TV Show By Episode Title
Picture round – January Babies
Audio Round – Olympic Inspired Playlist
Solar Energy
Boats Owned by Famous People

Other events this week!
Musical Bingo at Southridge Dugout – Weds at 5pm, Karaoke – Weds 9-1 Richland Dugout, Thursday 9-1 Pasco Dugout, Saturday – 9-1 at Southridge Dugout, Sunday 8 (or after football)- 11:45 Pasco Dugout

Starting Fri Feb 4th we will have Karaoke starting at 9pm at Badger Canyon Dugout!

Thank you for your continued support of our events!
Craig, Tracey, Andrew and Adrienne