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Monday at Richland Dugout 7pm
Join us Monday for our last two Master Minds. Specialty Subjects: Golf and MCU movies.
The Top 3 will move on to a Final, TBD at a later date.

General Knowledge
Audio: Golf Terms in Titles
Major League Logos
Picture: Disney Ends
TV shows
Video: Superbowl Ads
Biopics from the 2010s

Tuesday Southridge Dugout at 7pm
General Knowledge
Current Events
Hobbies & Internests
Picture round – Fictional Green Characters
Audio Round – 5-Word Song Titles
20th Century Wars & Conflicts
March in Music History

Other events this week!
Musical Bingo at Southridge Dugout – Weds at 5pm, Music Bingo at Atomic Ale and Brewery – Tuesday at 5pm, Karaoke – Weds 9pm Richland Dugout, Thursday 9pm Pasco Dugout, Friday 9pm at Badger Canyon Dugout , Saturday – 9pm at Southridge Dugout

Thank you for your continued support of our events!
Craig, Tracey, Andrew and Adrienne