Monday at Richland Dugout 7pm
Join us each week for a chance to have your own personalized Trivia round as the Mastermind!
Compete against other masterminds for cash prizes at the end of the month! This week’s category that was selected is “Space”

General Knowledge
Bands with Colors
Jukebox Musicals
Picture Round: Baggage Tags
Celebrity Podcasts
Mastermind: Space
Video Round: Video Game’s from their Villain
Everyone’s Golden Girl

Tuesday Southridge Dugout at 7pm
General Knowledge
Current Events
Fictional Boxers
Picture round – 2000s Movie Posters
Audio Round – Disney Movie Music
World Geography
Notable People with initials E.M.

Other events this week!
Musical Bingo at Southridge Dugout – Weds at 5pm, Karaoke – Weds 9-1 Richland Dugout, Thursday 9-1 Pasco Dugout, Saturday – 9-1 at Southridge Dugout

Starting Fri Feb 4th we will have Karaoke starting at 9pm at Badger Canyon Dugout!

Thank you for your continued support of our events!
Craig, Tracey, Andrew and Adrienne