Welcome to the Heat Karaoke Amateur Championships!

First thing to note, we have over 20 competitors… EACH with the idea they could win. Only 3 of you will make the top 3 and only 1 of you will be 1st place. It is hard to win. It is hard to judge. If you give any judge a hard time, you will not be allowed to enter later competitions. If you create a disturbance, you will not be allowed to do karaoke with me again. Please be adults.

Now the fun part!

Our 1st elimination date is Wednesday Oct 20th at Richland Dugout. We will start at 8:30 that night to make sure we can get through everybody. Adrienne will be the judge. She will rank each competitor based on the following scale.

Are they singing from the stage OR moving amongst the crowd? 0 to 5pts
Image – Dress 0-5 points
Are they engaging? Fun to watch? Connected to the song? 0 – 10pts
Diction – can we hear the words clearly? 0 – 10pts
Vocal Quality (on key? good timing? overall sound?) 0 – 10pts
Song Selection for their voice? 0 – 10pts

Competition Tip # 1: Be Well Prepared. …
Competition Tip # 2: Know Your Voice Well. …
Competition Tip # 3: Dress Appropriately for Your Image and Your Song. …
Competition Tip # 4: Use Your Stage and Perform! …
Competition Tip # 5: Always Do Your Vocal Warm Ups Before You Sing!

We will cut down to top 14 this first round. Let Craig know your song choice on or before October 17th. No changes to song choice can be made once you submit. Please acknowledge you have received and understand this text before 10-15.